Generosity by Johannes Brahms

Generosity inspires gratitude in us, and gratitude inspires generosity. God is generous to us and to our generosity! We should give proof of our gratitude towards God. In gratitude we are human; in generosity we are divine! The gift of ourselves is the highest gift we can give the other. Giving ourselves in this way epitomizes generosity. The perfect example of generosity is God the Creator. By means of His generosity, He generated man in His image. For Catholics, God’s gift of Himself represents the ultimate form of generosity, and is a model for all human generosity. To live authentically means to give generously. Personality and generosity, therefore, are synonymous. To live authentically is to give generously of oneself. This unification of personality with generosity is personalized in heroes and saints, to impress us, as men! They reached the heights of personality as well of generosity!


Are there limits to generosity? Are there limits to love?

To the generous heart,  being greedy seems incomprehensible. Greed impoverishes us! True generosity enriches us. There is a superabundance within each of us. Nothing is more costly than greed and nothing is more rewarding than generosity!

Alcoholics Eponymous

Literary characters such as King Midas, Silas Marner, Ebenezer Scrooge, and The Grinch Who Almost Stole Christmas, are driven by greed in such a way that the conversions of Midas, Scrooge, and the Grinch are, in effect, are met by readers and viewers with great jubilation. Generous people are not only more likable than their greedy counterparts, but they appear to be more human, more real.


What a great bless is giving much bigger bless than receiving!  We cannot take with us what we have, though many people seem to live as though they could. But we can leave behind what we have given. Greed is a great affliction to the dispossessed. Generosity is the plenitude of the self-possessed.


A fan of the great German composer, Johannes Brahms, left him 1,000 pounds in his will. Brahms was deeply moved and since he did not need the money was enjoy it in the most agreeable manner, by taking pleasure in its distribution. One hopes that Brahms stirred the same virtue among his beneficiaries.


The more greedy I am, the less human I appear.


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